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Basic Regulations

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on 7/5/2015, 11:54 pm

Please follow all of these rules accordingly. Any violations from the rules may be sanctioned by the administrators or the moderators of this site.

1. Please, refrain from posting one liners. Ideal post should be in detail, with about three paragraphs minimum, with three sentences each. If you are in a hurry, tell those with whom you are RPing that you cannot post now, and may post later so you could have more time.

2. Solo threads are possible, but please keep a two minute delay within your posts.

3. All applications which are pending for approval may not be used in your threads. You may test them out on OOC threads, but any In character related posts are not allowed.

4. Mild cursing/swearing is allowed, but please refrain from making your posts into a curse-fest. There are people who rather not expose themselves to such exceeding actions.

5. Racial discrimination is not allowed. Any form of sexual harassment or insulting is also taboo. Especially in the Chat box or in private messages.

6. Please avoid having flame wars in the Chat box, or on posts. Debates are fine, as long as no one gets hurt. Any kind of flaming, even on spam threads are not allowed.

7. No Godmodding. This includes your character never getting tired during a fight, controlling another character within your posts and having anything God-like related.

8. Please keep everything as PG-13 as possible. Be kind and respectful of others and their opinions, because there are people who find Adult material offensive.

9. Do not post in dead topics at all, unless you are already in it and you plan to revive it and finish it. If no one is there anymore, do not post in it.

10. Please keep in mind that you can only be in three roleplay topics at a time. This rule has been made to avoid difficulties in the storyline and timeline. If you wish to enter another roleplay topic, you must first leave one of your previous topics.

11. Do not Meta-game. This means using information gained OOC being used IC.

12. Follow the Posting Order of a topic. Unless someone has become inactive, you cannot post in the wrong order. For example: Person 1 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. It should continue this way for the rest of the topic.

The reason for this rule is so it doesn't turn into this: Person 1 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. Person 1 posts, Person 3 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. This would make it unfair to Persons 1 & 2 because Person 3 is getting more actions.

13. Do not use unapproved attacks/weapons/items/etc. in an active topic. If you get a technique/weapon or anything else gained through approvals or buying, which means basically anything, you cannot use it until you go to a topic which has a topic start time of AFTER you got whatever it is. This goes along with the meta-gaming rule that restricts character information.

To use an item in a topic, you must have it: made, appraised, bought, have Berri deducted, and finally, added to your item list. If it is not in your list and you use it, you may either be disqualified in what you were doing, ignored, or even punished by staff. If you don't have it in your list and you need it to be, ask an Admin or Mod to add it for you. Only after that may you actually use it.

14. Your username must be the same as your character's first name, or their whole name, or even their alias or nickname. That is, once your character is accepted. If your username is not your character's name at the time of approval, please be aware that an Admin can and may change it whilst you are not logged in.

15. NPC Rules
- You may request a staff-controlled NPC at anytime in any thread.
- NPCs need to be fairly fought, as you would fight another member. As such, you are not allowed to kill NPCs as you please. Not to say you can't, of course.
- A NPC's stats will be determined by a staff member.
- If you defeat a NPC in battle you'll get the exp that you'd get from a player vs player battle, but please do not assume that you will always win.
- You cannot be killed by NPCs in killing restricted threads

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